Simply mark a blank Keno ticket with the numbers of your selection. Then present your ticket to the Keno desk with your wager and the clerk will give you a duplicate ticket. In a few minutes, twenty numbered Keno balls will be drawn, and if enough of your selected numbers are drawn, you are a winner! The amount of money you win is dependent upon the type of tickets you play and the number of spots (numbers) caught. You may play as many tickets as you wish.

  • Select your numbers and "X" out from 1-15 numbers of your choice on a Grand Casino Fireball ticket. Then mark your wager amount in the box marked "Total Price." You can wager $1.00 or any multiple. Mark the number of "spots" you are playing on the ticket below the amount of the wager.
  • Present your completed ticket to the Keno writer at the Keno counter, or to the Keno runner available for your convenience.
  • Watch the Keno board. Twenty numbers will be drawn at random and will show as lighted winning numbers on the Keno board.

    Check the payoffs to see if you have a winning ticket! Any Keno writer will be glad to check your tickets for a winner.

    Remember, you may play as many tickets on each game as you wish. Display boards are for the convenience of the customer only. The balls drawn for that game are the only official results of the games.

  • 2 to 20 Games

    "Multi-Game" Keno allows you to play your favorite numbers over several consecutive Keno games without waiting in line. Just mark you favorite numbers on a ticket and select the number of consecutive games you wish to play ( from 2-20). Your tickets will be tracked and recorded electronically. This same ticket will be played on every one of your games.

    Tickets are played for all the games and winning tickets should be collected after your last game and before the calling of the next game. You should be on the premises during the calling of these games.

  • 21 to 1000 Games

    This option allows you to play from 21 to 1000 consecutive Keno games without being present after you place your bet. Collect your winnings up to one year after your last game. Just mark your favorite numbers, the number of games you want to play, pay for the games in advance and your off! Patrons must present the winning ticket in person. All tickets are tracked and recorded by our state-of-the-art Keno computer.

    Regulations require that all regular Keno rules be followed unless otherwise posted. Any violations will result in the ticket and/or the winnings being voided.

  1. Must be at least 21 years of age to participate.
  2. Mark between 1 and 15 numbers (or the 20 spot special) between 1 and 80 and indicate how much you wish to wager. Present your marked ticket to a Keno Writer before the start of the game you wish to play.
  3. Keno Runners are for your convenience. However, we are not responsible if tickets are too late for the current game.
  4. A W2-G will be issued for winnings in excess of $1,500. Two forms of identification must be presented, one of which has your picture on it. you will need to provide your name, address and Social Security Number.
  5. The computer generated ticket is your only valid receipt. Players are responsible for checking and verifying that the information on the computer generated ticket is correct.
  6. Game malfunction(s) void all plays.
  7. All prizes are paid to the ticket bearer.
  8. Winning tickets should be collected at the close of each game, except that multi-game tickets in excess of 20 games have one year from the date of the ball draw to collect.
  9. Not responsible for game interruption.
  10. All winning tickets must be redeemed at the casino that issued the ticket.
  11. In the event the game is cancelled, all outstanding tickets shall be reimbursed by the issuing property.
  12. Winners of prizes in excess of $3,000 are not declared official until the ticket has been validated by Citizen Potawatomi Nation Gaming Commission.
  13. Winning tickets must not be altered, defaced, or mutilated in the person.
  14. In the event of a dispute, the decisions of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Gaming Commission are final.
  15. Citizen Potawatomi Nation Court will govern all legal matters.

The Grand Casino: Players Club