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Welcome to the Grand Hotel
Front Desk: Dial 0
Guest Information

Check-In & Check-Out

Check-in time is 3 pm and check-out time is 11 am.

Pet Policy

The Grand Hotel is a pet free hotel. There will be a mandatory fee of $200 if violating the no pet policy.

No Smoking Policy

The Grand hotel is 100% non-smoking. There will be a mandatory $200 fee if violating the no-smoking policy. Please smoke in designated smoking areas.

In Room Safe

There is a safe located in the dresser of every guest room for your convenience. The Grand will not be responsible for items that are not placed inside the room safes.

Work Out Facility

There is a work out facility located on the lobby level outside the elevators. it is open 24 hours and accessible with your room key.

Ice / Vending

Ice and vending machines are located at the West end of each hallway.

Sundries Shop

The Sundry Shop is located in the lobby next to the front desk. Open 24 hours.


Room to Room - Dial 7 + Room Number

Local Calls - Dial 9 + Number

Long Distance - Dial 9 + 1 + Area Code + Number

(Fee of $.50 + $.20 per minute applies)

Toll Free Dial 9 + 1 + 8xx number

Express Check-Out

A copy of your charges will be placed under your door the evening of your departure.

Laundry Service

Outside laundry service is offered. Laundry ticket must be filled out and placed in laundry bag. Must be ready by 9 am for the same day service.

Housekeeping Service

Guestrooms are cleaned daily. For a specific service time please call the front desk. For no service place Do No Disturb sign on the door.

Wake Up Service

For wake up service please call the front desk.

Valet / Luggage Assistance

For assistance with luggage, including storing luggage or valet service, please dial extension 3000.

Lost & Found

To inquire about a lost item please contact the front desk. Items will be held for a maximum of 90 days.

Business Center

Located in the lobby for your convenience. 

Print boarding pass, surf the internet, etc.


We are pleased to provide voicemail service for your convenience. To retrieve your messages press the voicemail button on your phone.

Safety & Security

It is our mission and goal at Grand Casino Hotel & Resort to keep our guests as safe as possible. When hazardous situation(s) occur the Grand Casino Hotel & Resort is equipped with the latest in fire detection and communication systems to keep our valued guests safe at all times.

Please remember these safety tips while staying at Grand Casino Hotel and Resort. Following these basic guidelines will help keep stress and problems to a minimum, making your travel experience an enjoyable and safe escape.

  1. Always use the deadbolt or chain after closing the door.

  2. Verify through the peephole before opening the door for an individual. NEVER open the door to an uninvited person or for someone you don’t know.

  3. Call the front desk to verify that a hotel staff worker is supposed to be outside your door.

  4. Learn where the emergency exits are located in case there is an emergency of some kind. Walking to each exit from your room can help you remember their location, as well as counting the doors between your room and the exits. Doing this can help you find the exits in case it is dark or smoky.

  5. Locate the fire alarm pull stations and the fire extinguishers on your floor.

  6. DO NOT leave valuables or cash displayed in the room or in your vehicle.

  7. Valuables should be placed in the hotel room safe.

  8. ALWAYS be alert and aware of your surroundings.

  9. Keep your door locked at all times.

  10. Keep the room key to yourself and DO NOT let others see it. Know where your room keycard is at all times in case there is an emergency so you can take your key with you if you had to evacuate for any reason.

  11. When leaving the room, leave lights turned on.

  12. Leave a radio or TV on while you are gone. This makes the room appear occupied and deters theft.

  13. Main entrances should be used when entering and exiting the building, especially at night.

  14. Make sure all door locks work properly. If they don’t then notify the front desk immediately.

  15. Officers are on duty 24 hours a day. Should you require special security services at any time, please contact the Hotel Operator.

  16. A small in-room safe is under your television, in the credenza, for your convenience; however, please note that the Hotel cannot be held liable for any items of value lost from the guest rooms, including the in-room safe.

Fire Safety

A fire can happen anywhere at any time. The most important thing to remember is DO NOT PANIC! In the event of an emergency, the hotel will communicate with all guests by announcing the status of the alarm on the public address system.

If a fire is in your room: Immediately notify the front desk of the fire in your room. Get out of your room, making sure the door closes behind you, and sound the fire alarm by pulling a red pull station located on either end of the hallway next to the stairs. Exit by using the stairs and go to the ground floor and wait for instruction from security.

If there is a fire on your floor: If you hear the fire alarms going off on your floor you may be told to evacuate the building. NEVER USE THE ELEVATORS DURING AN EMERGENCY EVACUATION – ALWAYS USE THE STAIRS!!!

  1. Make sure to take your keycard with you when you leave. TIP: Always leave your room keycard in the same location while in your room.

  2. Check ALL doors BEFORE opening them. Lightly touch the door or door knob with your fingers or the back of your hand to see if it is hot. If there is smoke or the door is hot, DO NOT OPEN IT. If the door is not hot and there is little or no smoke, then open the door slowly and proceed to the closest fire exit stairs located at either end of the hallway.

  3. If you are able to get out of your room but there is smoke in the hallways, move through the building by crouching low to the floor. Stay as low as you can as you move through the building as there will typically be less smoke and fumes located near the floor. In addition, placing a wet cloth over your mouth and nose may help you breath better in a smoky environment.

  4. Get to the ground floor and follow the directions from security and/or emergency personnel, they will tell you when it is safe to go back into your room.

  5. If you believe someone is still trapped inside the hotel room or floor where the fire is, notify emergency personnel so a trained and equipped professional can begin the rescue process.


If you cannot get out of your room: If you cannot safely get out of your room then stay there and close the door so the fire doesn’t come into your room. STAY CALM!!

  1. Immediately call the operator or front desk by pressing 0 on your phone and tell them that you are trapped in your room. If you cannot reach them then dial 9 for an outside line and then 911 for the fire department.

  2. If the hotel phones are not working, use a cell phone to call 911 if you have one available.

  3. Turn “off” the air conditioner in your room. This way you can prevent smoke from being pulled into your room.

  4. Place wet towels, sheets and other material around the door and in the air vents to seal off smoke.

  5. If you have a bathtub in your room, fill it with water. This way you can quickly re-moisten the wet clothes that are keeping smoke out and have wastebaskets or ice buckets nearby for carrying water if needed.

  6. Hanging a sheet or noticeable item of clothing from the window will help signal your location to the emergency personnel.

If you are in an elevator: If you happen to be in an elevator and smoke is detected in one of the elevator shafts, all elevators will immediately descend to the lobby, the doors will automatically open and the elevators will remain on the ground floor until the alarm is cleared.

Tornado Safety

Spring is the most likely time of year when we will see tornados. Knowing what to do during these times while at Grand Casino Hotel & Resort is very important. Being weather aware during this time of year is important because knowing what is happening around you can save your life and the lives of those with you.

  1. Once a tornado watch has become a warning, our security and hotel staff will be monitoring the weather closely to see if/when you may need to evacuate your room.

  2. If relocation needs to occur, security or hotel staff will tell you to evacuate your room and proceed to a designated location.

  3. Get down to the ground floor as quickly as possible by using the stairs and take your room keycard with you.

  4. Make sure you have all of your family members with you when you evacuate.

  5. Once you get down to the ground floor, security will direct you to an area where you will take shelter from the storm.

  6. NEVER go outside to your car or try to leave the property during a tornado warning! It is too dangerous and you are much safer taking shelter inside on the ground floor.

  7. Once the storm has passed, security will notify you of when it is safe to go back to your room.

  8. If you are gaming on the casino floor or attending an event in the event center and an evacuation/relocation needs to happen, stay where you are and security will direct you on where to take shelter.

  9. If you are unable to get to the ground floor for an evacuation/relocation, stay in your room, even though this is not the safest place for you to be.

  10. NEVER TAKE SHELTER IN THE HALLWAYS OF THE HOTEL! They can become wind tunnels and send debris flying down the corridor.

Earthquake Safety

Earthquakes can strike without warning. They are unpredictable, there are few safe places to hide from their fury and they are becoming more common in Oklahoma. Be aware if an earthquake occurs and be prepared for aftershocks once the earthquake is over.

  1. If you are indoors when an earthquake occurs drop to the ground. This will prevent the quake from making you fall which can result in injury.

  2. Take cover by getting under a sturdy table or other piece of furniture.

  3. Hold on until the shaking stops.

  4. Wheelchair users should move to the safest location, if possible, apply the break and cover their head and neck with their arms.

  5. If you can’t take cover under something then duck down to the floor and cover your head and neck with your arms to protect yourself from falling debris.

  6. If you are in bed when and earthquake occurs, stay there. Hold on and protect your head with pillows.

  7. DO NOT try to leave your room or the building during an earthquake.

  8. Be aware that electricity may go out and the sprinkler system or fire alarm systems may turn on.

  9. Once the earthquake is over stay where you are. You will be directed by security or hotel staff on what to do next.

  10. If you are told to evacuate the building DO NOT use the elevators. Use the stairs located on either end of the hallway.

  11. Once you get to the ground floor, wait for further instruction from security.

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