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Play it Loud Host Adam Hampton

Follow award-winning independent filmmaker Adam Hampton as he explores Oklahoma's vibrant music scene with an eclectic lineup of the state's rising artists and musicians.


From his hometown of Dale, Oklahoma, Adam and the Outsiders Productions team travel the state and connect with these artists in search of the unique voices and stories that build on the foundations of Oklahoma's rich musical heritage.

Season 6 Featured Artists
TJ Mayes, Casper McWade, Carter Sampson, Levi Parham
Samantha Crain, The Imaginaries, Jabee, Mike McClure
Wade Hayes, Sophia Massad, Bryon White, Paul Benjaman
TJ Mayes, Casper McWade, Carter Sampson, Levi Parham
Mike Hosty, The Allie Lauren Project, Travis Linville, KALO
Ali Harter, Branjae, John Calvin Abney, Wight Lighters

Interested in being on the next season of Play It Loud? We're looking for the best original Oklahoma artists for our next season.